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With no extra parts whatsoever, this is a very simple project for starting to code with Python on your Pi. All of the code is provided in this tutorial for creating a version of Pong, the classic arcade game.

You could also tweak the code to improve performance or change the game however you see fit. Sonic Pi turns your Raspberry Pi into a music-coding machine, letting you use basic programming skills to make sound effects and music from short samples to full-length songs. Leave yourself a lot of time to play around with this one—it can be quite addicting!

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Another good hardware tutorial, this project shows you how to get an ultrasonic sensor set up with your Pi and a breadboard and use that sensor to measure the distance to other objects. AirPlay speakers are great, but they can be really expensive. Fortunately, you can use a Raspberry Pi as an AirPlay receiver, giving your old speakers new life. In this mega guide, we round up 20 of the very best projects around!

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Explore more about: Electronics , Raspberry Pi. Your email address will not be published. In the "Code a Pong Game" section above it says, "With no extra parts whatsoever, this is a very simple project for starting to code with Python on your Pi.

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Why would they say, "With no extra parts whatsoever The IoT beginner kit comes with basic sensor modules such as push buttons, LED modules, temperature sensors, light sensors, rotation sensors and soil moisture sensors. Using the Pi's integrated WiFi module makes it possible to connect to the Microsoft's "Azure" Cloud service easily where you can upload your sensor data to the database.

After learning how sensors work, you can build simple applications such as indoor temperature alarms or fire alarms. The relay module even gives you the ability to turn devices on and off remotely in your home, office or garden.

How to SSH into a Raspberry Pi [Beginner’s Tip]

You can set up a device to turn on all the lights in your house at a certain time. Why not set up a machine to feed your fish when they are hungry?

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It should be listed as "inet addr. Now it's time to enable SSH and configure the system. Open the terminal on Pi and open raspi-config tool. The default user and password for Raspberry Pi is "pi" and "raspberry" respectively. You'll need the password for the above command.

Best Raspberry Pi Starter Kits 12222 – Buying Guide

The first option of Raspi Config tool is to change the default password, and I heavily recommend changing the password, especially if you want to use it over the network. The second option is to change the hostname, which can be useful if you have more than one Pi on the network.

A hostname makes it easier to identify each device on the network. If you're using the device for an application that involves multimedia, such as a home theater system or PC, then you may also want to change the audio output option.

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By default the output is set to HDMI, but if you're using external speakers, you need to change the set-up. There choose 3. Once all these changes are applied, the Pi will reboot. You can unplug the monitor and keyboard from your Pi as we will be managing it over the network. Now open Terminal on your local machine.