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My ex-wife is a Hebrew Bible PhD. Scholar and I would take her readings of the ancient and Rabbinic Hebrew before any of your nonsense. They were haughty and did detestable things before me. Therefore I did away with them as you have seen. Maybe what you need is for someone who can read the ancient texts in their original languages and in context explain the real meanings to you to help you understand. Oh, come on now. A typical dictator is like a business. It will try a lot of things to dominate the market but will always try to protect its assets and the criminal slate of the CEO.

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A typical religious zealot would blow up the company with all workers inside because God told him to cash in on the insurance. Religion has repeatedly proven to be a terrible way to rule, but there is no shortage of self-aggrandized monsters within or outside of religious spheres. Wanna bet this crazy ignoramus is invited on some conservative talk shows? Yes, to blast those wicked liberal courts packed with lots of judges nominated by Ronald Reagan and both Bushes.

Cruz, I am trying to keep a straight face when I say this have you considered the army a plus when isis comes to texas through Mexico? As for the diptin suing gays, I wish God would take all you religious fanatics to heaven. Somebody should file a counter-suit against God and Jesus for making violent threats, targeted harassment and defamation. If only to see how this insufferable twit and anyone else taking part in this glory-whoring publicity stunt would respond to it.

The G. If Jesus did come down and tell them it was either their ideology or him, they would choose their party over their Christ. Ahhh, my weekly rundown in the latest of unintentional political comedy. Although I was a bit disappointed that there was no mention of the end-of-the-worlder in the kiddie-diddler van. Is this a caption contest, lol? Pamela Geller, I agree with. Like Helen of Troy, the Islamic faith and movement purports olive branches of peace and understanding. Either turn Muslim or be beheaded.

How did someone as ignorant as you ever get allowed out in public long enough to voice such a repulsive, perverted bit of hate speech? It is s result of building something to fear and some people buy right into it. Back in the Medieval ages, people were afraid of what they could not see and that was the darkness and the forests. Enterprising knights dreamed up dragons that they would accept gold to keep the populace safe from. They would ride off into the scary forests and be gone for a long time. They came back with epic tales of their heroism and the populace bought it and gathered up more money.

Politicicans, religious leaders, and others stand to profit from the fear they build. It is not a new concept. Although Texans vote these whack jobs into office I believe they are mostly conservative wing nuts. I know how you feel. I am a native Idahoan. I think we are so far back in the sticks, that those here, fail to make the week in crazy. We had Rex Rammel running for governor. He fenced in 6 acres, of his property, filled it with elk and fed them until they lost their fear of man. Then his elk developed a disease and some of them got loose and infected the wild elk.

Rammel sued for damages and lost. In retaliation, he became the gubernatorial opposition to the governor and lost. Then he ran for senator. During this time he was caught poaching and fined.

R. A. Lafferty

Three of our holier than thou senators walked out on a man giving a Hindu Prayer one out of thousands of Christian prayers in the senate. Now, see if you can beat that in Texas. Top that in Idaho. Idaho should get more love though on this week in crazy.

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Nevertheless, still impressive. Idaho is right there as a challenger. I was just trying to be sarcastic….

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But, at least it ONE place where we can keep all the nuts together! The sane texans on the national memo prove that there are some sane ones in texas but without them we would have to wonder about texas. Believe it or not I fear these zealots. We have this Canadian dodo bird pretending to be a Texan by the name of Ted Cruz who wants to be president.

The governor of Texas does not have to have brains. George W. Abbot by showing his stupidity is solidifying his position as a candidate for President from the Republican Party. Since he got booted behind the pay wall, almost nobody can hear him anymore. I suspect he will eventually emerge, remade into a fanatic of the Far Left…. The woman attempting to represent God vs. Otherwise you could list a hundred cases every week where somebody wants to sue God or claims government stole her hamster.

Dammit, why my followers the crazeeeee ones? People like to say they belong to something that makes them not stand out… even if they do not actively or properly participate. Unfortunately, as with US Christian extremists, Islamist extremists must be known by that expression by all levels of government here and abroad. People in other countries Islamic countries ARE starting to wise up, finally, so there is some hope. The tide will turn. Never discount the ability and dedication of conservatives to rewrite history.

She actually thinks a school book will name her a hero for having prevented President bin Laden III, or something. Well, it probably will if by that time, the President is Sarah Palin jr. We have seen for six years a federal government disrespecting the liberty of the citizens and that produces fear.

For only six years? What, did Cruz sleep through the entire George W. Bush administration? Yup, religious nuts are delusional and belong under treatment. Best to isolate the lot and ignore their histrionics. So is bullshit, and the Senator is full of that. Or maybe his dog ate his much more convincing talking point provided to him by the companies that bribe him.

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