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It was just too chaotic. Nini was clearly the right choice to get the axe. She was foolish to make a dessert that was so labor intensive when she knew she would be FOH. It was painful to watch her wander back and forth from the kitchen without any idea what was happening. That beige smear on the plate looked very unappetizing even though the scallop looked delicious. Justin really dodged a bullet, though.

He ran a terrible kitchen and the texture of his bisque looked awful. Kelsey continues to be one of the nastiest cheftestants that I can recall. The one thing I wonder is, since turquoise team was last, of course they would have the longest back up. I feel like at judges table they were implying they all had big FOH issue, but editing really just showed team turquoise.

I wonder if like they Orange team who went first eventually got backed up too? It really seems like going last in general is a bad position judges already ate 12 plates of food. Being the last restaurant the judges dine at means they've inevitably gotten backed up by their own errors and by the fact people getting a free meal and a possible TV appearance don't want to leave , and the judges do take note of the delays "regular" customers are enduring, but the judges' table generally gets served promptly in spite of the overall chaos.

Plus, it's mostly about the food, and the last team has had the most time to make adjustments to the dishes. So I think it pretty much all shakes out. Nini clearly sucked at FOH, but I call producer sabotage on the ridiculously inexperienced wait staff on all the teams. Don't tell me they couldn't get better people even in Kentucky. I've had servers at the Olive Garden with tons more knowledge and experience. I do think Nini would have sucked anyway, though, and she deserved to go home.

He may rub me the wrong way but I have to give him credit for his win. I agree with the above that the design team for this season's restaurants was inferior to previous seasons. Those plates on the wall in "Third Coast" reminded me of an early season of the old HGTV series "Design Star" when Cynthia Rowley went off on a contestant for her unattractive wall plate clusters. Just ugh. I also thought the judges were pretty lenient in their critiques of the losing teams.

They spent more time focusing on positives than usual in restaurant war judgings, which can often be brutal. The judges were so polite and cheerful even when being critical that it left me a little perplexed. Maybe they were generally more happy with their overall performance than in the past? Hard to tell. I really like Justin perhaps for hometown bias reasons! While I was watching I actually wondered to myself who their Executive Chef was, because it seemed like it was everyone doing the same thing back there.

Kelsey is the one who seemed like she MOST knew what the hell needed to happen, but unfortunately couldn't turn it around for everyone.

Training and Cooking with the Royal Marines - Gordon Ramsay

She seems like a force to be reckoned with. The decisions on the winner s - I actually love that there was an individual winner but the whole team got the same dollar prize - and the ousted chefs seemed right on to me. All three restaurants had terrible servers, the difference was that Northeast and Thistle immediately intervened to do on the spot training. Adrienne made them take back the orders and write them properly, Sara pulled aside several servers to go over how to write a ticket again and again.

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Brian and Sara were also constantly shown interacting with the staff to make sure things were on track. Nini kind of threw her hands in the air and tried to put out all the fires herself. I'm sure her emotional state wasn't improved by coming back to see that none of her three teammates honestly gave a shit about the fact they just screwed her over on her dessert. Justin and Nini were both at fault for not dropping everything to pull all the staff over and go over table numbers and ticket writing.

I am not impressed with Justin just running around and fuming while things went to shit, really poor leadership. He's lucky that Pablo somehow put out two terrible and mediocre dishes, otherwise he should have gotten the boot too. Brandon was quite lovely and filled in gaps and helped others out admirably. He dealt with Pablo's delusions about needing help plating in the nicest way, just like 'well, I've got nothing to do and I've already picked things up, so I might as well help?

A Cook's Experiences in World War II

Sara just gives me the creeps, and I literally don't know why because she seems like a perfectly nice person? I wonder if Sara knew some of the guests. There was a clip where a guest told Sara that a guest at a table across the room were missing a water glass. Okay Tom, take your elbows off the table, sit up straight, lift the fork to your mouth as opposed to putting your head inches above the plate, and FFS, stop eating off your knife.

Why on earth would anyone volunteer to be FOH? FOH people tend to get screwed every which way. Other chefs f up the FOH chef's dishes, servers are service challenged as in just hired off the street , and FOH gets blamed for everything. Next season I want to see everyone just straight up refuse to do FOH. This year was a special trainwreck and I hope the person whose idea it was to do 3 teams is forced to do FOH for every RW ever for all eternity.

See Miami and Las Vegas for heated interactions! Chefs are notorious for their arrogance and big egos. The bangin' hot one? I got a good chuckle out of Sara asking the servers if they knew which one at the judges' table was Padma and, upon getting a negative shrug, saying "the bangin' hot one" and then - without really having time to register that she was on camera and thus would potentially be aired singling Padma out among a table full of women - correcting to paraphrased "well, they're all hot, so just follow me.

The decisions on the winner s - I actually love that there was an individual winner but the whole team got the same dollar prize. That's a good point that makes me feel better about Brian being awarded the win when I thought it should have gone to Adrienne -- he got bragging rights, but she got just as much coin okay, as did the other two.

I like that no one knew going in the winning team would receive such a reward, which led to their very fun to watch excited reaction. I'm glad Pablo was eliminated because he is too stubborn. I think he thinks he's a much better chef than he is, else he was not willing to keep it real because they were on camera and he was trying to save face by lying.

He constantly deflected help. He constantly over the last 2 episodes that I can recall would taste his dish and pick out a small redeeming quality and ignore the rest. When he had Brandon check the meat he said "just check for acidity" as if hard ass meat but acidity was ok Pablo knew some were hard but said he tasted all the batches and they were good enough to send out, even though some were better than others.

That's just not owning up to reality. Even his exit interview he said he was too ambitious. Brother you made short ribs, which has been made 87 times on THIS show not to mention other speed cooking shows like Iron Chef and they often come out perfect and glazzzzzzed, just the way Ol Tommy likes them. Just stop. No one caught that Nini said she did front of the house when she was in Doubt it was the same type of experience level needed. She had zero capacity to right the ship which is unfortunate.

She assumed that by letting the servers fail it was somehow a reflection on them Yeah right. You can't blame the actors if they all got actors Nini!!! Justin did escape though Even the beauty photo looked rough Either they edited it out or that team didn't go to war in front of the judges. Nini should have tried to deflect way more blame on Justin. But maybe all of that hot tub bonding made it too difficult to undercut each other at the end. They seemed forthcoming with details but also tried to spread out the blame.

Noble I guess? I'm sure Nini will win LCK and come back and get the redemption edit. Seems like a long way to go but she's pretty talented just cooking. Overall I thought there would be more personal drama but there wasn't. Having 3 restaurants didn't pan out to be all that suspenseful. I know the editing seemed ok but after eating 3 restaurants worth of small plates I'm not surprised the stuffed full judges were tired and palate fatigued by the time they got to the losing restaurant versus happy and enthusiastic at the winning restaurant All right, editors, you got me—based on the first episode, I was sure Brian was as doomed as Nini, especially given his waitstaff manifesto.

Although winning elimination challenges seems to be the kiss of death this season, so I'm not putting any money down on his longevity after this. Cyprus will unite one day, but not because leaders signed a piece of paper. It belongs to us. Ruben Dario Romero Diaz Dulce Maria was nervous and shy when she first walked into the kitchen, now almost five years ago. She knew that I knew about her time as a member of the Farc militia, a communist guerilla.

She knew that I had once served as a Colombian soldier, with the scars to prove it. She and I had been at war. On that first day I told her everything was forgiven, that I was ready for a new start for us both, one where cooking together was our future, and the past was left in the past. She wanted the same. The conflict in Colombia had been raging since the s, between the government, paramilitaries, criminal gangs and guerrillas.

The story is complicated. The Farc and other revolutionary groups claimed to be fighting for the rights of ordinary citizens; the government said it was upholding the rule of law. Millions were displaced. If you were fighting there were no friendships across enemy lines.

That went without saying. My mother died giving birth to my brother at home when I was four years old.

Alexis Soyer

We lived in fear all the time. At 18 I joined the Colombian army for my own safety. Two years later an explosion in a minefield planted by a guerrilla group left me without a leg, and gravely injured. It forced me to change my path. From a young age, I wanted to be a cook. That was my dream, but I never had the opportunity. Our restaurant is true fine dining — one of the best in Latin America. In our kitchen, ex-military personnel are trained and helped to readjust to civilian life.

I had to learn to stand for nine hours on my prosthetic leg. After a while it was decided that ex-Farc members would be invited to train, too, in a reconciliation effort. Some colleagues thought I might find that uncomfortable, but I was ready to make a contribution to peace in Colombia. I respect her, she has both a strong heart and strong mind.

When we were young we both had dreams and goals, then war came and stole them from us. This war was a conflict where we all are the victims. Dulce Maria When I arrived for my first day of work I was petrified. I felt a chill across my body when we were introduced. We spoke that day. I told him I was scared, and that I used to be part of the Farc, the people responsible for his disability.

There have been more than 10, victims of mines since the fighting started. I told him I was sorry. He explained that I should not worry, that he had forgiven from his heart a long time ago and I could count on him as a colleague. I was five years old when the guerrillas killed my dad, even though one of my uncles was a guerrilla chief.

I was orphaned and moved to live at a finca — a ranch full of people who worked in the guerrilla army. I was only a kid, and it was drilled into me that I should fight for them — that the Colombian military and state was the enemy. Superb service 6 stars. Papa John's. The Diner. The Beachcomber Inn. All restaurants in Bognor Regis Share your experiences!

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