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Abraham Lincoln, A History (Volume 2) - John Hay (Part 2 of 2) (Audiobook)

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Abraham Lincoln: A History (Volume 3)

James Gillespie Blaine. Works of Allen Johnson. Allen Johnson. Henry Parker Willis. No other book will give you as much knowledge about Lincoln and his life. Any additional comments? Disclaimer: I have not listened to Volume I. As my one word summary suggests, this book is extremely thorough, at times a bit too much, but having guessed that this would be the case beforehand, I am still very satisfied with the outcome. As a bonus, the reading performance is also excellent, and Mr. Pratt does a good job of keeping his voice acting consistent, believeable and entertaining.

In particular, I have been looking for a single source that delivers as much of Lincoln's actual words, written and spoken, as possible, and here, this book certainly delivers. I have learned many new and interesting tidbits, anecdotes and jokes emanating from our rather opaque but incredibly deep and gifted 16th President that I had not come across in other sources.

This alone makes the book a worthy purchase, in my humble opinion. As for those reviewers complaining of how detailed this volume is- when clocking in at almost 49 hours of material, I have just one question: what did you expect? Of course, some information could perhaps be trimmed just a bit for example, with each new public utterance from the president, the author seems determined to find every single public and private response they can dig up, which often takes up a lot of time but which can also be easily skipped over once the reader gets the jist.

Additionally, the author often quotes newspaper editorials without giving any indication as to what partisan leanings that source had a reputation for in the past, which might have better informed the listener as to any background bias for example, Abolitionist, Copperhead-supporting, etc. Overall, however, this is an excellent, detailed historical narration of Lincon as our nation's leader from his train journey into DC until well after his tragic death, and all the supporting cast and activities which made this period one of the most interesting and important in our American story.

Thank you for your scholarship, Mr. Really fantastically put together.

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Although not strictly chronological, these volumes do well in balancing the story of Lincolns life and the massive issues surrounding him. I highly recommend these to anyone and everyone who has a slight interest in the history of Lincoln or America. After reading books on Abraham Lincoln for close to 45 years, you wonder what can this book tell me? The simple answer is very much. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that the one thing that impacted this country more than any other event in our history was the assassination of Lincoln.

This book vol 1 and 2 simply confirms that view. What is interesting are the examples of how so many of Lincolns contemporaries held him him in the same regard then, during his presidency as we do now. He was a leader that seemed to be destined to be in just that spot at that time. Within this biography you will find quotes you have not heard, have several episodes of pausing and thinking "huh, did not realize that".

It is truly "The" autobiography of Lincoln. A new standard. Sean Pratt does an excellent job with this book.

There are a couple of names I think he may have pronounced wrong, but who knows. Also initially I thought his voice sounded a bit light for such a book. I mean that in thinking this book deserved a deeper, historian type of voice. Trust me when I say this is performed very well and he either knows something about Lincoln well prior to this or did his homework. The tone and emphasis of certain words or ironic situations are always right on the mark.

His accents and characters are excellent. I often found myself turning it on to catch a few more lines. Great job. It is a long book, sometimes there are too many examples to emphasize a point. There are spots you think "alright I get it" move on. However they are few and are so minor but I thought that could have been avoided. This is well worth the time and effort. Do both volumes one and two.

Abraham Lincoln, a History — Volume 02 eBook

You will find all the current political players and pedestrians well represented. I object to having 15 words to describe such a book. WTH does that accomplish? Michael Burlingames autobiography of Abraham Lincoln is surely the best and most painstaking account of the world's foremost stateman.

It is long, very long but never dull and utterly brilliant. A fitting tribute to the genius of its subject. Mispronunciations of some proper names, e. Diction sometimes obscures meaning. Book itself as reviewed by Amazon reviewers. I regret using a credit to buy this. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Michael Burlingame. Narrated by: Sean Pratt. Length: 53 hrs and 45 mins.