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Gaius has a Male-only class: Fighter. If he marries someone who produces a daughter, then his daughter will inherit the following class instead. As per any thief, Gaius' Skill and Speed are very high with low defenses to offset them. The unusual aspect of Gaius lies in his high HP and Strength. Pairing him up with another unit to aid his low defenses is a good idea to keep him alive while in the process of building his levels.

As a Trickster , Gaius will not be able to make too much use of the ability to use staves due to his low Magic. The Lucky Seven skill that he learns in this class is, however, incredibly useful for 7 turns, allowing him to take on the initial wave of enemies in any given battle. Further complementing this is the Acrobat skill, which may prove instrumental in helping him to escape from danger on ground movement-hindering terrain. As an Assassin , Gaius gains the ability to wield Bows as his secondary weapon, allowing him to steer away from melee combat.

Lethality may not activate very often due to it having a low chance of activating, but it can potentially strike down an enemy who possesses strong Defense and prevent wastage of the equipped weapon's Durability. Pass is a relatively useful skill that Gaius can learn in this class, allowing him to sneak past enemies when the need arises.

Gaius' alternate class sets are that of the Myrmidon and the Fighter. Gaius fares well as a Myrmidon due to his high Skill and Speed, outshining Lon'qu in Strength and HP, alongside having Skill and Speed caps that are inferior to Lon'qu's by merely one point. Changing Gaius' class into that of the Swordmaster will further maximize his potential, owing to the Astra and Swordfaire skills that he stands to learn. Taking on the Fighter route is not recommended, as Gaius still possesses a low Defense growth despite being in a frontline class.

Promoting Gaius into a Warrior will grant him the ability to wield bows like the Assassin, allowing him to snipe foes from the rear.

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Upon learning the Counter skill, Gaius' low Defense will come in handy, as the vast amount of damage that he could sustain will be deflected back to his opponent and potentially kill them. As a Hero, Gaius can acquire the Sol skill to help mitigate his low Defense. Candy Stealer Thief of Ylisse known for his nimble hands and sweet tooth. Hides sweets in his pockets. Appears in Fire Emblem Awakening.

Thief Exposed A thief from Ylisse known for his sweet tooth. Usually secrets candy in he clothes, but can't when dressed like this. Gaius is illustrated in the trading card game Fire Emblem Cipher with the following cards:. Guire is an Irish name meaning "beige color". It is also a shortened form of the name "MacGuire".

In Greek and Roman mythologies, Gaia also known as Tellus was an earth goddess and the wife of Ouranos. Gaia was also Palla 's grandmother. Gaius is a Latin name meaning "rejoicer". Gaius could also be named after Gaius Julius Caesar more commonly known as Julius Caesar , who was a Roman general and statesman. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Dread Fighter Dread Scroll required. Subjective: The following part of this article is subjective to the editor's writing. Therefore, it may not work for everyone.

Base Stats Edit Rarity:. Gaius as a Thief in Fire Emblem 0 Cipher. Gaius as an Assassin in Fire Emblem 0 Cipher. Gaius as a Trickster in Fire Emblem 0 Cipher. CG artwork of Gaius confessing his feelings to Robin. Gaius' battle model as a Thief in Awakening.

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Gaius' battle model as an Assassin in Awakening. Gaius' battle model as a Trickster in Awakening. Gaius' battle model as a Myrmidon in Awakening. Gaius' battle model as a Swordmaster in Awakening. Gaius' battle model as a Fighter in Awakening. Gaius' battle model as a Warrior in Awakening. Gaius' battle model as a Hero in Awakening.

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Gaius' battle model as a Dread Fighter in Awakening. O, Soul Aflame! Related Media. Sylvia had no choice but to connect with them in this condition. However in two days time, Sylvia worked her magic and the effects were in full bloom. She connected with the horses though building her energy and then dropping her energy as a way to communicate with them in the same way horses communicate with one another.

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What I am going to share in this blog will help you to have a better connection with a horse when you take him to strange places to train at Liberty. The way in which you put on a halter and take it off will help your horse to feel comfortable in his new surroundings and stay focused when you turn your horse loose at Liberty.

It will build focus, relaxation and a sense of well-being and belonging. The bond and the mood of your horse is very important. In this state the horse picks up his training easily.

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Caring about the mood of the horse will bring horse and human to a partnership that starts out magical right from the beginning. Releasing a horse from a halter at the moment a horse feels a sense of well-being is the secret. The care you take will support any and all equestrian pursuits. Doing this practice will develop your horse whispering skills because you are completely focused on your horse and his mood. This practice allows the horse to guide you in how to handle him so that you are able to share a perfect partnership with a horse at liberty AND with tack. When dancing with a horse at Liberty there is a shared leadership that keeps the partnership dancing.

In a herd of horses in nature there is no pecking order when harmony is shared.

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If you keep the harmony and energy alive a horse will naturally follow your lead. There is a chapter in my book, Naked Liberty, titled Leaders of Leaders page which you might like to read to learn more about this. Your leadership must be inviting.

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If getting what you want helps someone else to get what they want then unity and harmony is born and a partnership forms. It is the same thing for a horse. This is achieved by sharing an even playing field with a horse. When there is an even playing field, you can easily see what is working and what is not and where you need to put your focus.

In an even playing field your focus becomes keeping the flow of connection with your leadership.

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This is the formula in the art of horsemanship. Just the simple way you go about using a halter will awaken you to the energy you are sharing with your horse. Putting your focus on choosing when to put a halter on a horse and when to take it off is crucial. It is really simple learning how to approach haltering your horse. First Share Territory with your horse. He should also enjoy standing quietly by your side and be focused on you.

Doing this as a daily practice, your horse will begin to enjoy this time he has with you just being together in a still point of connection. Do the same when you go to release him from the halter. He will read your energy…which will help him to enjoy this ritual with you. If occasionally I forget to do this, or get in a hurry, my own horse Firelight will stop me and he will then move very close to me and touch my face gently with his whiskers.

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This shared touch brings us back to connection. Sometimes we stand there way past the time of reason. It is our shared mediation and we both look forward to it. There are two things that Firelight loves doing with me; one is liberty dancing and the other is Sharing Territory together.