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Once she accomplishes this, she takes her virgin mating flight. Throughout her life, she lays eggs and secretes a pheromone that keeps all other females in the colony sterile. A drone is a male bee that is the product of an unfertilized egg. Drones have bigger eyes and lack stingers. The drone's only job is to mate with the queen. Mating occurs in flight, which accounts for the need of the drones for better vision, which is provided by their large eyes. Should a drone succeed in mating, he soon dies because the penis and associated abdominal tissues are ripped from the drone's body after sexual intercourse.

In the fall in areas with colder winters, worker bees mind the food stores and prevent drones from entering the hive since they are no longer needed, effectively starving them to death. Worker bees are female. They accomplish every chore unrelated to reproduction, which is left up to the queen bee. In their first days, workers tend to the queen. For the remainder of their short lives just a single month , workers keep busy. Newly hatched worker bees are larvae, unable to feed themselves. Worker bees feed their larvae a liquid called "worker jelly," and they eat as many as times a day to build up fat stores.

Vinuta was disappointed for the behaviour …. She thought …. I am standing right at the main …. She loved the game and it thrilled her every time …. One day, I saw a …. I was both excited and …. Just five …. The …. Her mother, Kanchan, was …. Something about the quiet detached look …. I trodded through the compartment until I reached …. He had also lost interest …. Oh, Really! The feeling the excitement, the euphoria that sets in that you will achieve what not so ….

His eyes were never leaving the girl,who was having …. Somewhere in future! The absence of your dear son and …. Suddenly, one young man holding the smartphone on …. The sun was at …. They were happy …. I was jogging within a greenish complexion and suddenly …. It is a relation that most of you would hardly …. Don't you …. The curls in her hair were flowing in the ….

She had stayed …. The flight …. He sensed something wrong and gently nudged her …. She had just bumped into sweet sixteen; she was so full of verve and vigor that anxiety …. The ground has six pitches, most of them occupied during summer evenings by local teams …. Luv zigzagged between …. She was one of the team that swept the roads and gutters, cleaned out …. The arrangements …. The sole reason being that …. Mrignaini was shocked to know that the elderly couple had expired …. Many young people rushed to the canteen, the seniors usually had their tiffin packed from home, so gathered in the pantry ….

Life had so …. He was happy …. She was …. Everything was …. That area has …. My favourite melodious ring tone grabbed my attention amidst my busy work ….

Did the Goddess …. The final exams were on the way in less than a month and some students were really …. Life …. He was …. The various figures of Gods and Goddesses, skilfully sculpted, painted in bright hues adorned …. His Dad never remarried, instead his life revolved around grooming Dipak …. Razavi, with a meaningful smile on her white …. Had it not been for the noise, the white something would …. Unable ….

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In our duty roaster every month, one of the staff nurse were …. He was the official …. Anu …. Everyone knows it …. The lady who was young, …. Jobs have taken us to Bangalore, …. Manya woke up, stretched and let her body go loose burying …. A few years back, in the hostel …. When the Kanyakumari Express train arrived at the Bangalore Railway station, …. Rainy Days.. Rains slashing across the roads, filling the innumerable potholes of our roads, the branches of trees crashing down over the drenched bikers, ….

I was a frequent passenger who lived every moment of the journey …. It was two and a …. I saw …. Timid and shy, Mina had always …. Still …. Shashi was at advanced stage of pregnancy and she …. He moved to the left to get out of the way, but the turf crumbled against ….

She had an early morning flight to catch, her body was begging her …. She was born in a poor family …. Her curiosity was piqued and she …. Suhasini - Contd It appeared …. A Noble Dawn - continued While I don't clearly remember how old was I, I do remember …. Strangers…Best friends? It is going to be a fabulous day; I knew that because the first thing I had done the previous day was to get myself the earliest possible appointment with ….

Day in and day out, she does the job no one else will dream of doing- manually …. Girl Alone - contd.. They had reached the desired destination; every …. The big trees hung in both sides of the roads showering the yellow leaves on the road below and the …. Aren't we a Family? Why not the position or even better, the accomplishments of these graduates ….

Meera and Aryan had known each other for the past …. She was really pretty, probably …. I was gorgeously dressed for the occasion as it was my second anniversary and He was …. Sitting at the dining table, my hands moved about prolifically, my fingers picking the warm, juicy mixture, making ladoos for my daughter, …. My apartment is situated in a locality that has abundant …. Bob was only …. Too late or Too soon? Standing on the stone steps leading to the …. The Old Mansion - contd She held my hand one evening as I came ….

A Happy Family! She stared blankly at two unopened letters …. She had lost …. She must have …. I wonder how …. With the help …. Sunset Red-contd.. Back to page 1 of the story She sat on a piece of log drinking in the golden landscape, studying the deserted playground beyond, bathed in a soft …. I had lost my umbrella yet another …. Under the Gulmohar The Unspoken Love story The train …. The Cufflink-contd..

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The celebration would be …. Birthday Party --contd. Anamika, the nameless one-contd Back to the story - 1st page On the second day of the week, quite out of the blue, she received a sketch of hers looking out the window, bars pressed …. She was poor but she never indulged in vulgar display …. I too unfastened the seat belt and picked up the only and small carry bag …. Long blades of grass had …. They tend to forget …. Though, I believed in that — that it happens and also …. She brought fresh jasmine and kanakambaram …. Planned Vengeance- contd..

I remember how annoyed …. She took his temperature …. He probably knew Minu liked him or felt sorry for him or nurtured tenderness for him or what-ever-the-hell they call it now …. A rivulet of blood …. She was a software professional …. Traversing over the river of time, our culture and religion …. On one of the evenings, while getting back …. Gupta driving the brand new Maruti, which his bride of a few days, had brought as part of the …. It is already six; I have only an hour to get ready before Sofia ….

It looked like the sun was hell bent on …. Adjusted and cleaned my pair of glasses, looked out ahead and …. Did I Overact? Yes, that's …. The night sky glittered ….

Honey and Cancer: Sustainable Inverse Relationship Particularly for Developing Nations—A Review

A Surprise-continued Sundar Anna …. It was almost as tall as my dad and was decorated with Christmas balls, tiny mistletoes, …. Swinging in the hammock tied to two sturdy trees …. We talked for hours about my marriage, which …. Today, fifteen-years after, Roshini is still ….

Retelling a most wondrous Texas trip An equally emotional Belu, …. To his prejudiced eyes the garland around the photograph seemed to be slightly …. The Boutique by the Beach-continued Aminah stood at the verandah talking to new customers and taking …. She had never bothered to put on as much make-up as her maid had put on her …. Like a piece of …. After giving the necessary instructions to Daisy, he hurriedly …. An educated girl, who entered into ….

The Algebra of passions-continued Then it was time to open her favorite …. Sympathy for the Devil- continued.. The fickle weather …. The feeling …. He hates this grayish tinge …. Abhijit had bought it as he felt that …. Oh My God! Rahul was the first one to wake up that morning to find the bed room - where the whole family slept as that was the …. It is a very hot and sunny day, thought Saroja as she slowly walked back home, after purchasing vegetables and groceries necessary for the household for ….

Am I beautiful? She always wore kurtas …. Mantra Matters! I saw my injured foot dripping …. Her mind and body terribly exhausted oblivious of the sequence of events that had occurred in the last …. The Day of Parting! The sheer shock was ….

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It was as if the weather …. He returned …. Their days were spent in …. He kept holding me with the same possessiveness and …. She was prone to imagining the worst of situations whenever Sid went out …. Looking at the mirror she was trying hard …. It was with great reluctance …. Mother Tree- continued Continued from Page 1 Vasant was apprehensive his mother might create a scene; The children had also gathered around, to watch the ….

Dressed in her favourite yellow salwar kameez, she had plaited her hair …. To Hell and Back-continued But some …. The Village Gunsmith-continued Continued from Page 1 All this drama, that is my impromptu relocation to Mangalore, had happened so suddenly that I almost forgot about Gangayya …. Passengers were bustling about, balancing luggage, showing tickets to the cleaner of the bus, some carrying …. She alternated between a Chartered bus and the …. Trouble in Eden It had been a roller-coaster ….

Rubbing his sweaty palms against his pants, he paced up and down in the …. It offered a …. The Train started moving away from Tirur Railway station, and soon it was moving at brisk speed, passing the paddy fields, …. She would collect a hand full of stubs which were meant to be …. The Linguist-continued.. There was an additional quantum of exuberance, a wee bit extra dash of ingratiating admiration in the ….

She slowly entered the room …. I remember vaguely I descended the train I had boarded from Kolkata much before the train reached Chhatrapati …. Meanwhile, she heard the click of the main …. Pharoah's Ring - continued. Father Colaco came to their house …. Occasionally he has his bad days, and …. Vishesha quickly opened her locked door, eagerly waiting for a hot bath to flush away the amalgamated ….

Many a time she rued the …. As a result …. It was a large balconied affair, with an array …. As I strode past the dark …. He cultivated a regular practice of sitting on the terrace …. Diplomacy was never my forte and I fumbled for words like a three year old struggles …. Lal, the server boy was busy serving hot cups of steaming 'chai' and 'Kophi' and …. Every morning at a fixed hour I'd hold the brush on the drawing book and wish forms, figures, …. More than drawing or sketching I would spend most part of my leisure time filling colours in awkwardly ….

Krupa, the director …. Her grandma was looking after …. I knew we were the targets of many a …. Of life and of tears that turns into a gentle mist …. Life had been …. They …. He has only a couple of months to live …. The fact that such thoughts come to them quite …. Next day she was near the cattle shed playing with the newly ….

The trees droop …. The vast …. Here they …. It was on Friday 20th October , Seeta …. There was another trouble awaiting …. Suddenly, peon …. The excitement and the changes in me during those days …. Since the officials had …. This feminization …. I was there at …. Inform Veera, I …. The morning on which …. Though I was fortunate enough …. And …. These were the very same words she had heard …. It's All About Money, Honey! He took his leather …. Contemplated by the grim reality that her brilliance was, not much reflected in her intellectual ….

Ray: tensed Do you know …. I saw it in his eyes …. Long-Ago- contd. Does …. The little remains of coffee in the cup on the side table has dried, leaving behind a …. The cool breeze blowing across the Marina was the …. I had spent …. But …. With heavy rains and gusting wind, the dark road and forest around only became visible for a moment when …. Little baby "Niya" who is 7 months old, fair in color, …. Arya stood by the window and ….

Sometimes my life looks black and other times …. Compliments - contd. A distant cousin had travelled from Dehradun with his paintings …. She looked towards him wondering what …. Silent Love - contd.. He never did that, …. Is This All I Get? After the sudden death of my parents, grandma had me and I was the most loving element in her ….

Arjun, …. Her mother was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast,so that …. I wanted to see her Husband and Granny, …. An offer she couldn't refuse! A feeling …. My girlfriend wants me to become a Star! Since that was Friday, I had a plan of leaving the office earlier than regular …. The best thing about this Expresso was its crema, …. A retired clerk, he filled …. He always thought there was something about his eyes ….

The previous week had been hectic -- a paper …. If memories could take a physical …. Come Back-continued.. There was a …. The Marriage Fiasco-contd Aakanksha …. Is it really …. Ranga Mess - continued With you As a farmer …. Music Matters Her face was lit with Bhava, her footsteps responded ….

In fact the happiness clouded his vision, …. Home Coming-continued Page 2 Back to Page 1 The following day, despite having decided to return to Germany early, walking towards the security gate at …. A framed picture of Lord Ganpati gleamed …. The paper still had the, what I like to …. He had long, shoulder …. He looks at her, she keeps looking …. No soul dared to venture in this scorching heat at three …. Memories at an unshared space..

Off with the fetters But there …. Most …. While dressing up for their wedding party that night Sushma was trying to think since …. The flesh that covers my delicate bones rises softly when pinched, like a stocking, and then slowly shrinks …. He was one of the kind who loved …. Sometimes life became very lonely, and Utpal felt it would be good ….

Kaveri - the Girl Child. Prelude: Kaveri is a six year old orphaned girl child in the south eastern coast of the Indian subcontinent who lost her mother in a natural calamity …. My kid sister …. The villagers of Tirutanni, …. Though the elections were three months away, the excitement and preparation …. In return she had searched out …. The End of My Dreams. I told myself it was none of my business her crying in there, …. A stranger in my house I got into a …. Is this Marriage? This would exterminate ….

I am also human! She ….

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It had been an entire week that she had …. Life Begins at Fifty! The climate was completely …. K street seem to be in deep slumber, except for the occasional morning walkers who have begun to take strolls with a stick in …. An evening that was.. An evening that resonated with my …. Every …. She accepted with a smile; both …. A part of their team, for more than two years, it would …. As usual he got out of …. The sound itself was like a thunderstorm, …. I recognized the …. Dips, as I lovingly …. Every shift into a new house would mean repainting the walls, …. Status Regained - Contd A couple of times, ….

With the first shower of winter she looked forward to a new year, a fresh …. How the hell! After a long week finally a holiday,but I think …. Out of Mind - contd.. It was only nine in the morning and he was behaving …. Differently Abled - contd.. Around 3 feet — a bit tall for 6 years, big …. Spurti …. Who Is Right? Just two days after the tenant came to occupy the rented portion, Rajaram came over to enquire ….

It took a while to get a grip of himself, …. This was to be her elevation …. An Animal Attraction-contd Deb was in …. The sound was heard by the group of ten girls …. I joined …. It gave me hours of amusement, being confidante and problem-solver …. I still vividly remember …. However, as I sit at my desk, I ponder: Why haven't I been able …. Estimated Life!! Her only response to all those excited and pleading questions from various quarters — ….

Thereafter shouting 'come fast, …. After retirement, …. I was super excited to receive an invitation in a foreign land …. May you grow strong …. The End.. The half clad and …. The groom Michael dressed up in a black smoking suit, …. The sea was clean with its bluish-green waters, …. That Girl On the streets of Kolkata, at the turning of Rabindra ….

The reflections of the skies …. This is how you will …. Divine Ant - Contd The Angel lifted Divine carefully and placed …. The specs with black frame always rested ….

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His heart wept like anything thinking of his helplessness to …. Short Story "Hi!! Instead of sending the usual thorn stemmed roses, and card with cough syrup sentiments I am writing …. She had …. Just as she was dozing off, she heard Saba, her niece call …. It was square in shape and six by two feet in size, the …. It was the most beautiful …. He now realized that he should …. A young man and an old man were moving …. Sister, in her white …. Four years old ….

I will narrate a story …. Slowly the door opened making a slight screeching sound which was pretty close …. The victim was Sarala, a divorcee, who was …. After sitting idle at home for almost a year after completing …. A dream came …. There …. As he was immersed …. Now that was the most confusing …. He had tried it all, from randomly picking out a phrase to selecting a particular page number …. I was standing on the opposite side of the road and noticed …. Girish went his son's room to know about the love affairs with …. Rain started heavily when I was passing …. I observed both the fathers and ….

How could such a scrawny body, those thin limbs with long feet hide such a lusty …. Indeed, it must've known better than the …. She looked less hassled than the last time but from the way she was chewing paan, I figured …. Almost everyone who knew …. Before going …. She was confused as she felt someone …. Requiem or a Dream? Steven has not been ….

This Sunday, my husband had already planned to spend the day in the midst of beautiful nature at …. Three years earlier, she …. Jamal looked throughout the old wooden window to estimate …. I could be kind and instead tell you that she is curious, inquisitive, has a thirst for knowledge, but whether or not the impression ….

She had been busy throughout the day …. These were the hapless hopeless cords that held me …. I picked up the phone still covered …. Everyone called her Amma with …. It was just a day left to bid a final goodbye to their lovely home of around …. I felt the …. The sky appeared to be splattered with blue and white blotches and …. Jim looked at the clock and took a sigh …. She was there to attend a series of …. Her partner Larry shook his head, "The place is like …. They were panting by the time they reached …. No sooner did I reach my ever noisy house than I pocketed myself with …. Suddenly some fur like ….

This sadness or frustration …. The Hour Had Changed.. Eventually started off with a purpose to help my friend Shanky with …. While …. The glass box was exposed publicly …. Only Gowri knows the feeling of …. In the fading daylight I found myself sitting cross-legged on the floor, tired and surrounded by stacks ….

This lonely, hooded figure …. She expressed her desire to re-visit Juhu …. The local news was on television …. And that too when you wait for the college bus to arrive …. All that Glitters is not Gold! Befriending Bhangarh - Contd..

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  • The first person …. They travelled …. Even though I just had five minutes …. Periodic flashes of lightning lit up …. Waves of ….

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    The shops had opened, the tourists were enjoying their …. Embryo of Faith - contd Arav snatched the car keys from …. Second Honeymoon - contd.. The peacock at once turned its attention …. Everybody adored her and …. Moving On! Her father was a fisherman and used to be away most of the day returning late in the evening …. She could make out that it was a struggle for her mother to arrange money for her …. The flower has been …. Cushions with …. The Petroleum Fire-contd He enjoyed the scenic beauty — the sun rising above ….

    The Strange case of dying Calves-contd. I loved these fairs because the tribal people who lived up in the hills ….