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Only a minority of French urologists have reported to be connected to SoMe and a predominantly personal use. The emergence of Twitter in French urological conferences is very new but seems promising. Further studies are needed, especially within the members of the residents French urological association to better characterize the true impact of SoMe in urology.

All rights reserved. Similarities between French and Italian political culture of student representation include a conflictual culture in a weak national system of intermediation of interests, and a mimetic relationship with national conflictual party politics.

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New international topics, such as the Bologna Process or the growing commodification of education, have…. Interpreting the French Revolution, Editions de! Gobineau, A. Wihtol de Wenden, C. It is important to assess drug abuse liability in 'real life' using different surveillance systems.

OPPIDUM 'Observation of illegal drugs and misuse of psychotropic medications' surveillance system anonymously collects information on drug abuse and dependence observed in patients recruited in specialized care centers dedicated to drug dependence. In , patients described the modality of use of 10, psychoactive drugs. OPPIDUM highlighted emergent behaviors of abuse with some analgesic opioids like tramadol, oxycodone or fentanyl , pregabalin, or quetiapine. OPPIDUM highlighted variations of drugs use regarding geographic approaches or by drug dependence care centers like in harm reduction centers.

OPPIDUM clearly demonstrated that collection of valid and useful data on drug abuse is possible, these data have an interest at regional, national and international levels. The French government supports a structuring project for French Photonics. One of the most important tasks is dedicated to training for industry, particularly SMEs. The project aims at elaborating a training offer based on the experience of PYLA, the Bordeaux training facility for Optics and Photonics, and create a national network throughout all the French Photonics clusters.

The project plans to initiate, develop and coordinate training courses based on the players skills in the sector, in particular regional clusters, depending on their field of excellence. This deployment of training courses should enable a mesh structure both thematically and geographically. Collaborative work between training players in each pole, including joint actions, will facilitate access to training courses for companies, especially SMEs.

A market survey is already being conducted in in photonics industry and application sectors. Implementation of actions involves all French photonics clusters as well as professional organizations. We will rely on the feedback we have with PYLA to show how training courses can be a strategic tool for development of technologies and industries. At this stage of the DEFI Photonique project we will be able to present the results of different analyses that have been conducted in key sectors and plans that will be implemented for the realization of the first actions.

Consequently, health authorities promote recommended dietary intakes for FA, looking for optimal intakes in a primary prevention of CVD perspective. In parallel, a few data are available detailing intakes in national populations. The objective of the present study was to perform a large analysis combining the data of the French National Survey INCA 2 on food consumption performed in and , and the nutritional content of food consumed in France updated in by the French Information Centre on Food Quality, to explore in details the FA intakes in French adults using the most recent available data.

To compare the discrepancies in the observed intake levels with the French recommended levels, a weighted fat adherence score was built combining intakes of the different FA. Individual scores were computed in relation to official recommendations, and potential explanatory factors were identified.

This situation remains unfavourable in terms of primary prevention of CVD. Consuming fish and other sources of n-3 FA, living in the south of France, being female, having a higher education level, and low alcohol consumption were associated with a healthier fat adherence score. French national wound management survey: choice criteria of dressings. Across Europe, wound care management is organized differently, and in some countries such as the UK or Denmark, wound healing centres have been implemented. In France, a large number of health professionals are not sufficiently educated in wound care management during their vocational training.

The rapid evolution of dressings has changed wound management practices and has given rise to new professional recommendations. This national survey was carried out in France in , including health professionals, to determine the criteria they use to choose a dressing and their habits of care with acute or chronic wounds.

Regardless of whether the wound is acute or chronic, the priorities for wound care and the choice of dressing are the management of the exudate and the prevention or treatment of infection. These results put into evidence the adequacy of the recommendations by these practitioners and the good correlation between the choice of dressing and the local therapeutic goal. To reach the same level of expertise, the professional training for health professionals who are less frequently involved in wound care is necessary.

Since the s, infections due to Streptococcus pyogenes or group A streptococci GAS were marked by the increase in invasive infections and the emergence of clones which were resistant to macrolides. Those challenges led the French national reference center for streptococci to enhance the epidemiological survey and the characterization of GAS strains, in collaboration with the National Institute for Public Health Surveillance.

Active surveillance is of major importance for implementation of therapeutic and prophylactic guidelines and for evaluation of future streptococcal vaccines. A new data management system for the French National Registry of human alveolar echinococcosis cases.

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PubMed Central. Alveolar echinococcosis AE is an endemic zoonosis in France due to the cestode Echinococcus multilocularis. Administrative, epidemiological and medical information on the French AE cases may currently be considered exhaustive only on the diagnosis time. To constitute a reference data set, an information system IS was developed thanks to a relational database management system MySQL language.

The current data set will evolve towards a dynamic surveillance system, including follow-up data e. A particularly important goal is the possible interoperability of the IS with similar European and other databases abroad; this new IS could play a supporting role in the creation of new AE registries. Corn content of French fry oil from national chain vs.

Several issues, ranging from sustainability to health, may interest the consumers in the corn content of their food. However, because restaurants are excluded from the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of , national chain restaurants provide nonspecific ingredient information and small businesses supply none.

Corn oil is more expensive than soybean oil for example when purchased from a small business supplier, suggesting that large-scale corporate agreements are necessary to make corn oil frying cost-effective. When considering French fry oil along with corn-fed beef and chicken, as well as high-fructose corn syrup-sweetened soda, we see the pervasive influence of corn as an ingredient in national chain fast food.

When considering French fry oil along with corn-fed beef and chicken, as well as high-fructose corn syrup—sweetened soda, we see the pervasive influence of corn as an ingredient in national chain fast food. French hospital nurses' opinion about euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide: a national phone survey. Hospital nurses are frequently the first care givers to receive a patient's request for euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide PAS.

In France, there is no consensus over which medical practices should be considered euthanasia, and this lack of consensus blurred the debate about euthanasia and PAS legalisation. This study aimed to investigate French hospital nurses' opinions towards both legalisations, including personal conceptions of euthanasia and working conditions and organisation. A phone survey conducted among a random national sample of French hospital nurses.

We studied factors associated with opinions towards euthanasia and PAS, including contextual factors related to hospital units with random-effects logistic models. Many French hospital nurses uphold the legalisation of euthanasia and PAS, but these nurses may be the least likely to perform what proponents of legalisation call "good" euthanasia. Improving professional knowledge of palliative care could improve the management of end-of-life situations and help to clarify the debate over euthanasia.

We provide a quantitative description of the French national herbarium vascular plants collection dataset. This major botanical collection represents the results of over three centuries of exploration and study. The sources of the collection are global, with a strong representation for France, including overseas territories, and former French colonies. The compilation of this dataset was made possible through numerous national and international projects, the most important of which was linked to the renovation of the herbarium building.

This dataset is a major source of data for systematics, global plants macroecological studies or conservation assessments. Hospital stays with CDI as the primary diagnosis or the secondary diagnosis comorbidity were studied for the following parameters: patient sociodemographic characteristics, mortality, length of stay LOS , and related costs. In total, 10, stays were reported with CDI as the secondary diagnosis. Preventive approaches should be implemented to avoid CDIs.

Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol ; Overuse of preoperative laboratory coagulation testing and ABO blood typing: a French national study. Following publication of guidelines on routine preoperative tests, the French Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care SFAR , in association with French national public health insurance, conducted a survey to evaluate adherence to guidelines and the economic consequences.

Guidelines do not recommend any preoperative tests in these settings. A similar pattern was observed for ABO blood typing although re-operation rates for bleeding on the first postoperative day were very low 0. The transfusion rate was very low 0. Standard laboratory coagulation tests and ABO blood typing are still routinely prescribed before surgery and anaesthesia despite current guidelines.

This over-prescription represents a high and unnecessary cost, and should therefore be addressed. For Permissions, please email: journals. Pre-operative skin preparation practices: results of the French national assessment. Pre-operative skin preparation, aimed at reducing the endogenous microbial flora, is one of the main preventive measures employed to decrease the likelihood of surgical site infection.

National recommendations on pre-operative management of infection risks were issued in France in To assess compliance with the French national guidelines for pre-operative skin preparation in A prospective audit was undertaken in French hospitals through interviews with patients and staff, and observation of professional practice. Compliance with five major criteria selected from the guidelines was studied: patient information, pre-operative showering, pre-operative hair removal, surgical site disinfection and documentation of these procedures.

Data for 41, patients from all specialties at facilities were analysed. Patients were issued with information about pre-operative showering in The recommended procedure for pre-operative showering, including hairwashing, with an antiseptic skin wash solution was followed by Some recommendations may need to be adapted for certain specialties.

Published by Elsevier Ltd. The French Alzheimer plan: description of the national Alzheimer information system. In France, one of the aims of the current national Alzheimer's disease plan is to collect data from all memory centers memory units, memory resource and research centers, independent neurologists throughout the country. Here we describe the French Alzheimer Information System and present a 'snapshot' of the data collected throughout the country during the first year of operation.

We analyzed all data transmitted by memory centers between January and December This involves completing a computer file containing 31 variables corresponding to a limited data set on AD CIMA: Corpus minimum d'information Alzheimer. In , the BNA received data from memory centers relating to , consultations involving , patients. The BNA will provide longitudinal data that can be used to assess the needs of individual local health areas and size specialized care provision in each regional health scheme.

By contributing to the BNA, the memory centers enhance their clinical activity and help to advance knowledge in epidemiology and medical research in the important field of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. This study was designed to investigate the associations between psychosocial work factors, using well-known theoretical models and emerging concepts, and self-reported health in the national population of French employees. Self-reported health was measured by means of a single question and was analysed as a binary variable. Psychosocial work factors included factors related to job strain and effort-reward imbalance models, workplace violence and working hours.

Associations between psychosocial work factors and self-reported health were studied using weighted logistic regression models adjusted for covariates age, occupation, economic activity, and other types of occupational exposure. Low decision latitude skill discretion and decision authority , high psychological demands, low social support from supervisors for men , low reward low esteem and low job promotion for both genders and job insecurity for men , bullying and verbal abuse for both genders were associated with self-reported health.

This study emphasizes the role of psychosocial work factors as risk factors for poor self-reported health and suggests that the implementation of preventive measures to reduce exposure to psychosocial work factors should be an objective for the improvement of health at work. The French Nutrition and Health Survey ENNS was conducted to describe dietary intakes, nutritional status, physical activity, and levels of various biomarkers for environmental chemicals heavy metals and pesticides in the French population adults aged years and children aged years living in continental France in In the arsenic study, and adults requested to avoid seafood intake in the previous 3 days preceding urine collection were included respectively for the analysis of the sum of inorganic arsenic iAs and its two metabolites, monomethylarsonic acid MMA and dimethylarsinic acid DMA , and for the total arsenic.

The geometric mean concentration of total arsenic was This study provides the first reference value for arsenic in a representative sample of the French population not particularly exposed to high levels. Sexual behavior among adolescents reporting chronic conditions: a French national survey. A self-report questionnaire concerning health behavior, sexual behavior, and chronic illness was used in public secondary schools.

Logistic regression was performed for boys and girls to explore the relationship of health status HCI or HG to sexual intercourse, adjusted for sociodemographic variables. The HCI girls reported more often than HG girls changing partners, pregnancy, and use of oral contraceptives. Charbonnier et al. Education on national health care policy and costs is part of our medical curriculum explaining how our health care system works.

Our aim was to measure French medical students' knowledge about national health care funding, costs and access and explore association with their educational and personal background. We developed a web-based survey exploring knowledge on national health care funding, access and costs through 19 items and measured success score as the number of correct answers.

We also collected students' characteristics and public health training. The survey was sent to undergraduate medical students and residents from five medical universities between July and November A total of students from 5 medical universities responded to the survey. Most students underestimated the total amount of annual medical expenses, hospitalization costs and the proportion of the general population not benefiting from a complementary insurance.

The knowledge score was not associated with medical education level. Three students' characteristics were significantly associated with a better knowledge score: male gender, older age, and underprivileged status. Medical students have important gaps in knowledge regarding national health care funding, coverage and costs. This knowledge was not associated with medical education level but with some of the students' personal characteristics.

All these results are of great concern and should lead us to discussion and reflection about medical and public health training. The latter means to evolve our system at different levels : development method, datamining solutions, system administration. The new system had to provide more agility for incoming projects.

The main difficulty was to maintain old system and the new one in parallel the time to validate new solutions with a restricted team. Solutions adopted here are coming from standards used by the seismological community and inspired by the state of the art of devops community.

The new system is easier to maintain and take advantage of large community to find support. How a European network may help with estimating methane emissions on the French national scale. Methane emissions on the national scale in France in are inferred by assimilating continuous atmospheric mixing ratio measurements from nine stations of the European network ICOS located in France and surrounding countries.

To assess the robustness of the fluxes deduced by our inversion system based on an objectified quantification of uncertainties, two complementary inversion set-ups are computed and analysed: i a regional run correcting for the spatial distribution of fluxes in France and ii a sectorial run correcting fluxes for activity sectors on the national scale.

In addition, our results for the two set-ups are compared with fluxes produced in the framework of the inversion inter-comparison exercise of the InGOS project. The seasonal variability in fluxes is consistent between different set-ups, with maximum emissions in summer, likely due to agricultural activity. On the yearly and national scales, the two inversions range from to Gg CH4 and from to Gg CH4 for the regional and sectorial runs, respectively, consistently with the InGOS products.

Uncertainties in the total annual national budget are and Gg CH4, i. Therefore, even though the. Managing the uncertainties of the streamflow data produced by the French national hydrological services. The French national hydrological services NHS manage the production of streamflow time series throughout the national territory.

The hydrological data are made available to end-users through different web applications and the national hydrological archive Banque Hydro. Providing end-users with qualitative and quantitative information on the uncertainty of the hydrological data is key to allow them drawing relevant conclusions and making appropriate decisions. Due to technical and organisational issues that are specific to the field of hydrometry, quantifying the uncertainty of hydrological measurements is still challenging and not yet standardized.

The French NHS have made progress on building a consistent strategy to assess the uncertainty of their streamflow data. The strategy consists of addressing the uncertainties produced and propagated at each step of the data production with uncertainty analysis tools that are compatible with each other and compliant with international uncertainty guidance and standards.

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Beyond the necessary research and methodological developments, operational software tools and procedures are absolutely necessary to the data management and uncertainty analysis by field hydrologists. A first challenge is to assess, and if possible reduce, the uncertainty of streamgauging data, i. Interlaboratory experiments proved to be a very efficient way to empirically measure the uncertainty of a given streamgauging technique in given measurement conditions. A second pivotal step is to quantify the uncertainty related to stage-discharge rating curves and their application to water level.

The activity of the division of Ethics and deontology of the French National council of medical doctors is analysed by its former president Among a lot of topics, a new version of the professionnal Code of deontology and patients' information were the main subjects of reflection and action. Psychosocial work factors, major depressive and generalised anxiety disorders: results from the French national SIP study.

Anxiety and depression are prevalent mental disorders in working populations. The risk factors of these disorders are not completely well known. Developing knowledge on occupational risk factors for mental disorders appears crucial. This study investigates the association between various classical and emergent psychosocial work factors and major depressive and generalised anxiety disorders in the French working population.

The study was based on a national random sample of men and women of the French working population SIP survey. Occupational factors included psychosocial work factors as well as biomechanical, physical, and chemical exposures. Adjustment variables included age, occupation, marital status, social support, and life events. Multivariate analysis was performed using logistic regression analysis. Low decision latitude, overcommitment, and emotional demands were found to be risk factors for both MDD-GAD among both genders.

Other risk factors were observed: high psychological demands, low reward, ethical conflict, and job insecurity, but differences were found according to gender and outcome. Significant interaction terms were observed suggesting that low decision latitude, high psychological demands, and job insecurity had stronger effects on mental disorders for men than for women. Given the cross-sectional study design, no causal conclusion could be drawn. Preventive actions targeting various psychosocial work factors, including emergent factors, may help to reduce mental disorders at the workplace.

Use and perception of nitrous oxide sedation by French dentists in private practice: a national survey. The aim of this national survey was to record the use of nitrous oxide and the perceptions of French dental practitioners to this form of sedation. The use of nitrous oxide sedation NOS has been authorised in private dental practice in France since December but, to date, no study implementing both quantitative and qualitative methods has explored such use.

The data were collected using a Google Forms questionnaire. A mixed methodology was used for data analysis: a quantitative approach to explore the use of conscious sedation and a qualitative thematic approach using Nvivo software to determine the practitioner's perception of it. Most of the responders were trained in NOS use in private dental clinics. Above all, NOS was used for children requiring restorative dentistry. The qualitative and thematic analysis revealed the financial and technical difficulties of implementing NOS in private practice. However, it also showed the benefits and pleasure associated with NOS use.

This statistical survey of French dental practitioners offers an insight of the current state of the use of conscious sedation with nitrous oxide in private general dental practice in France. It also includes the first report of dental practitioners' perceptions of NOS use and may lead to a better understanding of the reasons why sedation is sometimes not used in private practice.

Established in then extended to , the French National Nutrition and Health Program PNNS is a nutrition policy whose objective is to improve the health status of the population by acting on one of its major determinants, nutrition. Nine priority objectives focusing on diet, physical activity and nutritional status were determined. Program strategies are based on fundamental principles including food culture, pleasure, and gastronomy. This multidisciplinary program involves stakeholders from ministries, research and educational institutions, food industry, healthcare, and consumers.

Dietary guidelines were established and are now considered the official reference in France. Actions focusing on the healthcare system, economic actors and players and specific population groups need further development. The success of a public health program like the PNNS requires a combination of synergistic and complementary actions, measures, regulations and laws. A national study at the end of the PNNS will determine if objectives were achieved. Dietary patterns in the French adult population: a study from the second French national cross-sectional dietary survey INCA2 Identification and characterisation of dietary patterns are needed to define public health policies to promote better food behaviours.

The aim of this study was to identify the major dietary patterns in the French adult population and to determine their main demographic, socio-economic, nutritional and environmental characteristics. Dietary patterns were defined from food consumption data collected in the second French national cross-sectional dietary survey Non-negative-matrix factorisation method, followed by a cluster analysis, was implemented to derive the dietary patterns.

Logistic regressions were then used to determine their main demographic and socio-economic characteristics. Finally, nutritional profiles and contaminant exposure levels of dietary patterns were compared using ANOVA. Seven dietary patterns, with specific food consumption behaviours, were identified: 'Small eater', 'Health conscious', 'Mediterranean', 'Sweet and processed', 'Traditional', 'Snacker' and 'Basic consumer'. For instance, the Health-conscious pattern was characterised by a high consumption of low-fat and light products.

Individuals belonging to this pattern were likely to be older and to have a better nutritional profile than the overall population, but were more exposed to many contaminants. Conversely, individuals of Snacker pattern were likely to be younger, consumed more highly processed foods, had a nutrient-poor profile but were exposed to a limited number of food contaminants. The study identified main dietary patterns in the French adult population with distinct food behaviours and specific demographic, socio-economic, nutritional and environmental features.

Paradoxically, for better dietary patterns, potential health risks cannot be ruled out. Therefore, this study demonstrated the need to conduct a risk-benefit analysis to define efficient public health policies regarding diet. Fate of protocols submitted to a French national funding scheme: a cohort study. The fate of clinical research projects funded by a grant has been investigated, but there is no information on the projects which did not receive funding.

The aim of the study was to describe all clinical research projects submitted to a French national funding scheme PHRC and to assess project initiation, completion and publication status taking into account whether or not they received funding. This study is a retrospective cohort. The initial project characteristics were retrieved from the submission files and follow-up information was collected from the primary investigator. The percentages of projects started, completed and published were studied.

A total of projects were studied. Follow-up information was obtained for The most commonly cited reason for not initiating a project was a lack of funding. Accrual difficulties were the main reason cited to explain why studies were stopped prematurely or were still ongoing.

Amongst the completed projects, the only factor explaining publication was the statistical significance of the results. Obtainment of funding was a determining factor for project initiation. However, once initiated, the funding did not influence completion or publication. Fear of corticosteroid use among patients and parents of children with atopic dermatitis AD may be increased by professional caregiver's mistrust to corticosteroids and a lack of consistency in information provision. This study used a French national survey to assess mistrust among pharmacists of the use of topical steroids for treatment of AD in children.

The main outcome was self-assessment of pharmacists' confidence in topical steroids on a visual analogue scale. The mean confidence was 4. This study highlights that pharmacists have only moderate confidence in topical steroids. This lack of trust may have a high impact on maintaining fear of corticosteroids in parents and patients. Psychosocial work factors and sleep problems: findings from the French national SIP survey. This study aimed at exploring the cross-sectional and prospective associations between psychosocial work factors and sleep problems.

The study population consisted of a national representative sample of the French working population SIP survey. The sample sizes were and for the cross-sectional and prospective analyses. Sleep problems were defined by either sleep disturbances or insufficient sleep duration at least several times a week. Statistical analyses were performed using weighted Poisson regression analysis. In the cross-sectional analyses, psychological demands, low social support, low recognition, emotional demands, perception of danger, work-life imbalance and night work were found to be associated with sleep problems.

In the prospective analyses, psychological demands and night work were predictive of sleep problems. Using a less conservative method, more factors were found to be associated with sleep problems. Dose-response associations were observed, showing that the more frequent the exposure to these factors, the higher the risk of sleep problems. No effect of repeated exposure was found on sleep problems. Classical and emergent psychosocial work factors were associated with sleep problems. More prospective studies and prevention policies may be needed.

Assessing the serological status, based on testing for serum toxoplasma IgG and IgM antibodies, is essential in cases that are increasingly at risk for the more severe disease forms, such as congenital or ocular toxoplasmosis. This disease also exposes immunosuppressed patients to reactivation, which can lead to more widespread forms and increased mortality. By interpreting the serological results, we can estimate the risk of contamination or reactivation and define appropriate prophylactic and preventive measures, such as hygienic and dietetic, therapeutic, biological, and clinical follow-up, according to the clinical context.

We hereby propose practical approaches based on serological data, resulting from a consensus of a group of experts from the French National Reference Center Network for Toxoplasmosis, according to both routine and specific clinical situations. Published by Elsevier Inc. Epidemiology of pancreatic cancer in France: descriptive study from the French national hospital database. Although indirect evidence suggests that the incidence of pancreatic adenocarcinoma has increased in the last decade, few data are available in European countries. All patients hospitalized for pancreatic cancer in France in in public or private institutions were included.

Patient and stays length, type of support, institutions characteristics were studied. The results were compared with those observed in The average annual number and length of stay were 7 and 2. The increase in incidence was associated with a marked increase in hospital stays for chemotherapy. Culture as an explanation for substance-related problems: a cross- national study among French and Dutch adolescents.

Our main goal was to establish whether French and Dutch adolescents differ in rates of substance-related adverse events e. For problems with peers and socializing agents due to alcohol we hypothesized that, because of stronger informal control of drinking in France, French adolescents are more likely to report problems with peers and socializing agents. For adverse events due to alcohol no difference was expected after controlling for consumption patterns. For drug-related problems, the hypothesis was that, due to the more restrictive drug policy in France, French adolescents are more likely to report problems with peers, socializing agents and adverse events.

Data were analysed using multilevel logistic regression in which school, age and gender, indicators of substance use and country were used as predictors of substance-related problems. The outcomes show that French adolescents are more likely to report problems with peers and socializing agents due to alcohol even when consumption pattern is controlled for. For adverse events due to alcohol no difference was found between French and Dutch adolescents. For drug-related problems the expected differences were found; i. French adolescents are more likely to report problems with peers, socializing agents and adverse events even when controlling for pattern of drug use.

It is concluded that there are culturally embedded differences in the rates of some types of problems due to alcohol or drug use. With respect to alcohol use, these differences are most likely due to culturally embedded differences in the informal social control of alcohol use. The differences in rates of drug-related problems are interpreted in the context of national differences in drug policy. The French sector of ambulatory care is characterized by two features: i health care providers are mostly independent practitioners paid on a fee-for-service basis; ii a large consensus is observed as concerns the shortage of health workers, particularly physicians and nurses.

In such a context, if a task delegation programme is envisaged, attention should be paid, not only to the competencies of task receivers, but equally to the reluctance of health workforce. Given the current doctor shortage, it is probable that the reluctance of physicians is not vigorous.

But on the side of task receivers nurses, physiotherapists, other auxiliary workers Shortage of nurses and physiotherapists and consequently their growing workload lowers their acceptance level i. The model shows that, in the current situation, French physicians can only expect a small reduction of their workload i they undertake to transfer to nurses some parts of their activities.

When physician working time is not excessively lengthy, the overall reduction would be between 0. When doctors have to work harder when their shortage is acute , paradoxically, the reduction is lower, between 0. The fact is easily understood as the stock of task receivers the nurses remains unchanged, but the volume of worked hours becomes larger.

Other things being equal, the model shows that French southern physicians may take more profit from a task delegation programme than their counterparts practising in the northern areas of the country. The paradox is that the workload of northern physicians is heavier. Psychosocial work factors and first depressive episode: retrospective results from the French national SIP survey. The objective was to explore the associations between psychosocial work factors and first depressive episode.

Additional objectives included the study of the frequency and duration of exposure, and the evaluation of the induction period between exposures and outcome and of the reversibility of the effects. The study was based on a sample of 13, men and women from the national representative French SIP survey. Retrospective evaluation was performed for depressive episode for the whole life history, for psychological demands, skill discretion, social support, tension with the public, reward and work-life imbalance for each job, and within each job before and after each major change, and for time-varying covariates.

The outcome was the first depressive episode. Statistical analysis was performed using weighted discrete time logistic regression model. High psychological demands and low social support were risk factors for first depressive episode for both genders. The risk increased with the frequency of exposure to these factors. Associations were found with the frequency of exposure to tension with the public among women and to work-life imbalance among men.

The risk increased with the duration of exposure to psychological demands and low social support for both genders, however, these associations become non-significant when recent exposure was taken into account. Past exposure older than 2 years was not associated with the outcome. Associations between psychosocial work factors and first depressive episode were observed, including dose-response associations. However, after removal of the exposure, the risk may be reduced after 2 years. Occupational contact urticaria OCU is an occupational contact dermatitis that can cause serious health consequences and disability at work.

To describe OCU and its temporal trends by the main causal agents and activity sectors in a nationwide scheme in France. Trends analyses were supported by reporting odds ratios using a logistic regression model with reference to , or with time as a continuous variable. Conversely, the other causes of OCU did not decrease.

Using surveillance data from a French national network, this study has found that there was a significant decline in OCU due to natural rubber latex, particularly in the HSW, when powdered latex gloves were banned from French hospitals. Our results show the effectiveness of this preventive measure, and suggest that this practice should be extended to other sectors. The use of homeopathic medicine is poorly described and the frequency of combined allopathic and homeopathic prescriptions is unknown.

To analyse data on medicines, prescribers and patients for homeopathic prescriptions that are reimbursed by French national health insurance.

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The French national health insurance databases SNIIRAM were used to analyse prescriptions of reimbursed homeopathic drugs or preparations in the overall French population, during the period July June A total of 6,, patients received at least one reimbursement for a homeopathic preparation during the month period, i.

About one third of patients had only one reimbursement, and one half of patients had three or more reimbursements. A total of , healthcare professionals HCPs prescribed at least one homeopathic drug or preparation. They represented Many HCPs occasionally prescribe reimbursed homeopathic preparations, representing however a small percentage of reimbursements compared to allopathic medicines. In more than one half of cases, reimbursed homeopathic preparations are prescribed in combination with allopathic medicines.

Published by Oxford University Press. For permissions, please e-mail: journals. Compared to pure depressives, mixed depressive patients had more psychotic symptoms, atypical features and suicide attempts during their index episode; their illness course was characterized by early age at onset, frequent episodes, rapid cycling, and comorbidities. Mixed depressive patients were more frequently bipolar with a family history of bipolar disorder, alcohol abuse, and suicide.

A dose-response relationship was found between intradepression hypomania and several clinical features, including temperament measures. The following independent variables were associated with mixed depression: hyperthymic temperament, cyclothymic temperament, irritable temperament, and alcohol abuse. Using the narrower definition of mixed depression missed risk factors such as suicidality and comorbidities. The following are the limitations of this study: retrospective design, recall bias, lack of sample homogeneity, no cross-validation of findings by hetero-evaluation of hypomanic symptoms.

EPIDEP data showed the feasibility and face validity of self-assessment of intradepressive hypomania. They replicated. Assessment of the French National Health Insurance Information System as a tool for epidemiological surveillance of malaria. Epidemiological surveillance of malaria in France is based on a hospital laboratory sentinel surveillance network. There is no comprehensive population surveillance.

The objective of this study was to assess the ability of the French National Health Insurance Information System to support nationwide malaria surveillance in continental France. A case identification algorithm was built in a 2-step process. First, inclusion rules giving priority to sensitivity were defined. Then, based on data description, exclusion rules to increase specificity were applied. To validate our results, we compared them to data from the French National Reference Center for Malaria on case counts, distribution within subgroups, and disease onset date trends.

We built a reusable automatized tool. From July 1, , to June 30, , we identified incident malaria cases that occurred in continental France. Our algorithm provided data for hospitalized patients, patients treated by private physicians, and outpatients for the entire population. Our results were similar to those of the National Reference Center for Malaria for each of the outcome criteria. We provided a reliable algorithm for implementing epidemiological surveillance of malaria based on the French National Health Insurance Information System.

Our method allowed us to work on the entire population living in continental France, including subpopulations poorly covered by existing surveillance methods. Traditional epidemiological surveillance and the approach presented in this paper are complementary, but a formal validation framework for case identification algorithms is necessary. The French teacher training colleges' health education HE network was set up in to encourage the inclusion of HE in courses for primary and secondary school teachers.

A systematic process of monitoring the activity and the impact of this initiative was implemented. This analysis was systematically compared with the perceptions of teaching…. Yes, You Can Help! Information and Inspiration for French Immersion Parents. National Edition. The guide for parents of French immersion students in Alberta Canada public schools is designed to answer frequently asked questions and encourage parent participation in the student's immersion experience.

Chapters address these topics: terminology program types, school types offering immersion programs, other terms ; reasons for learning a…. Psychological distress in French college students: demographic, economic and social stressors. Results from the National Health Barometer. Background Psychological distress PD in students is under-investigated, since its prevalence can be high in certain subgroups of students and it has been seen to be associated with other mental health issues and academic achievement.

In a sample of French college students, this study investigated factors associated with PD, and looked more closely at the impact of social and interpersonal variables. Mental health was assessed using the MH-5 five-item scale. Results The PD rate in this sample was Conclusions French students show specific characteristics that are discussed in order to explain the relatively low rate of PD observed. The impact of loneliness and social isolation are a major focus for preventive policies based on community resources and early detection of the symptoms of PD. Changes in major depressive and generalized anxiety disorders in the national French working population between and Analyses were performed using weighted generalized estimation equations, and were stratified by gender.

No differential changes were observed, except one: the prevalence of GAD increased among women working in the public sector while there was no change among women in the private sector. Two data collections over a 4-year period may not capture the effects of the crisis on mental disorders properly. No changes in mental disorders between and were found but the increase in the prevalence of anxiety among women in the public sector may be of particular interest for prevention policies.

High levels of social protection in France might contribute to explain these non-significant results. Analysis of subsequent publication of scientific orally presented abstracts of the French National Congress of Radiology. Part II: Focus on the French abstracts. To evaluate the publication rate of scientific abstracts that were presented orally at the , , and annual meetings of the French Society of Radiology by French radiologists, and to perform a French regional analysis.

Orally presented abstracts were identified by examining online abstract books of the , , and annual meetings of the French Society of Radiology, and cross-checked by reviewing the paper version of abstracts for the same period. Only abstracts from French teams were selected. The administrative region of submission was noted for each abstract and for each region the total population, the number of active radiologists, the number of active members of the French Society of Radiology and the number of academic radiologists were noted.

Imaging subspecialties were also noted. The median number of presentations and publications per region was 18 range: and 7 range: , respectively. The ratio per million inhabitants was 7. The median number of presentations and publications per active radiologists respectively members of the FSR was 7 and 3 respectively 10 and 4. The median number of presentations and publications per academic radiologist were 2.

The publication rate of orally presented French scientific abstracts was high, with important variations according to the regions of origin and imaging subspecialties. The secondary objective was to depict the features of individual prescribing and monitoring practices. Methods On-line survey among French alcohol specialists. Physicians were asked whether they prescribed baclofen for AUDs. If they did not, the reasons for this choice were investigated. Results In total, physicians response rate of Data from participants were analysed, representing HDB use was declared by However, Although HDB was perceived as more efficacious than approved drugs by Nonetheless, Non-prescribers Conclusion A majority of French alcohol specialists reported using HDB, although often on a limited number of their patients.

HDB was considered efficacious but also potentially hazardous. Despite this, physicians reported minimal safety data to the health security system. While French health authorities are planning to draft a specific regulatory measure for framing off-label HDB prescribing practices. Simulation is a promising method to enhance surgical education in gynecology.

The purpose of this study was to provide baseline information on the current use of simulators across French academic schools. Two questionnaires were created, one specifically for residents and one for professors. Main issues included the type of simulators used and the kind of use made for training purposes. Opinions and agreement about the use of simulators were also asked. Residents believed simulators very useful for training.

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Professors agreed that simulators should become a required part of residency training, but were less enthusiastic regarding simulation becoming a part of certification for practice. Surgical skills simulators are already experienced by a majority of French gynecologic residents. However, the use of these educational tools varies among surgical schools and remains occasional for the majority of residents.

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