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the logosystem fundamentals Manual

Each college, department, center, and office has a logo liaison who has received official logo and unit shortcut files. Together, these elements uniquely communicate both our tradition of excellence and our position as a dynamic public research university. No single symbol represents the University of Tennessee like the Power T. Its visibility is undeniable, and its attributes—powerful, competitive, well rounded—are qualities we all strive to achieve. The lion of Henegouwen has been the centre of the coat of arms of Schiedam since The new municipal logo has taken heraldic guides into account while at the same time giving the logo a modern and durable look.

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The design of the logo has been modified for optimal legibility and adapted for digital channels. Lines have been softened and the crown and shield have been optimized to give the logo a strong and durable look. The text next to the shield has the same dynamic line as the cotisse. The logo is designed as a word and figurative mark with a high degree of autonomy.

Logo Signature System

The fundamental simplicity of the three letters D, G and N provide clarity and self-confidence. A strong visual recognition is created by the high contrast of formal rigidity and organic dynamic structure.

Italy — here gelato, the best italian ice cream, is cultural property. Refreshment in summer, savor in winter — fresh, creamy gelato all year round.

The word-image brand impresses with its minimal and clear lines. The logo symbolizes the simple with its subtle elaboration. Komeko — clean, simple and natural products with tradition in premium quality.

Logo System

If your campus unit is not listed, please scroll down to submit a request online. Who we are. Brand Defined. Brand Protection. How we look and talk. Logos and Marks. Names and Naming.

Student Projects

How to apply brand guidelines across channels. Social Media. Major initiatives across campus. Centennial Celebration. The Centennial Campaign. Logo System. Emphasis on School or Department Departments have logos with two versions of their names.

Branding Portal

Logo Colors. The boxed version of the department logo can be: UCLA Blue and black on white background preferred UCLA Blue and white on black or dark background All black on white background All white on black or dark background The unboxed version of the department logo can be: UCLA Blue and black on white background All black on white background All white on black or dark background Always use the logo artwork from the brand bundle prepared for you by UCLA Marketing.

Minimum Clear Space.

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  7. Minimum Size. The boxed versions should be at least 0. Do Not Do not attempt to create your own department logos or variations of department logos.